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What makes this a great deal? You’re looking at it!

OXPOW made this web page from the same tools that we’ll make your new site from. Imagine this type of layout with your company’s logo, photos, text, graphics, videos, colors, fonts, etc. And if you need additional features, we’ve got you covered! This deal is good for budget-conscious businesses in most industries. While this particular example is geared towards travel, the layouts would look great for construction companies, professional services, non-profits, education, B2B, restaurants, small biz, hotels, stores & shops and more.

Family Vacation
  • Awesome package prices
  • Super fast turnaround
  • Easy updates
  • Security & support
  • Maintenance plans
  • Regular backups
  • Browser compatibility
  • Built-in SEO
  • WordPress CMS
  • Bootstrap framework

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    Sites built right here in the USA. We’re located in Kennebunkport, Maine, to be precise.

    Your new website will be SEO optimized right out of the gate to attract new visitors. We use your logo, company colors, fonts, text, images and other content to design your site. You can use WordPress to add, edit and delete any content in the body area, create new pages, upload media, and utilize nearly limitless other features. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 207-337-0313.

    What do you get from an OXPOW WordPress package deal?

    • Installation of WordPress
    • Customization of responsive UI
    • Content inserted into pages
    • Drop-navigation
    • Contact Form
    • Meta tags, h1, h2 & h3 for SEO
    • Two-Factor authentication
    • Google Analytics code insert
    • Download-speed optimization
    • Security features keep your site safe
    • Backup plugin installation
    • Google Lighthouse optimization
    • Instruction for basic content edits
    • Additional features @ hourly rate

    How much does it cost?

    Small Website WordPress Package Deal

    Up to 10 pages with all the features and services listed above.

    $990.00 one-time fee

    Medium Website WordPress Package Deal

    11 to 20 pages with all the features and services listed above.

    $1490.00 one-time fee

    Large Website WordPress Package Deal

    21 to 30 pages with all the features and services listed above.

    $1990.00 one-time fee

    Bed & Breakfast
    WordPress Backup & Update Package Deal

    Daily backups of your web site and database plus monthly updates to WordPress core and all plugins used in your site.

    $59.00 per month or $590 per year

    WordPress Hosting Package Deal

    We offer super secure, lightning-fast shared hosting that is the perfect environment for your new WordPress website.

    $29.00 per month or $290 per year

    WordPress SEO Package Deal

    Create keyword list, note current Google position for keywords, make content adjustments, in-link procurement & monthly reports.

    $99.00 per month or $990 per year

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    OXPOW sites achieve top results on Google Lighthouse which helps users have a better experience and often leads to better SEO results on Google!

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